Frequently Asked Questions

How is your service free? What's the catch?

There's no catch! Apartments provide referrals to apartment locators for helping them find qualified tenants.

Will I pay more in rent if I use your service?

Absolutely not! The referral I get paid from the apartment is factored into their advertising/leasing budget and does not affect your monthly rent, discounted rent, or move-in special!

What's the benefit of using an apartment locating service?

As a native San Antonian with 20 years of experience in the apartment industry I know my city inside and out and can absolutely find the perfect place for you at the best rate saving you hours not having to be spent looking through online listings and hoping you don't end up in a dud.

How do I make sure you get the referral for helping me?

Great question! As long as you list “Cel with Absolute Locators“ as the referring source on your guest card and lease application the apartment will arrange payments to me.