Expert Advice

Top 10 Tips for finding an apartment in San Antonio

With 20 years of experience in San Antonio's apartment industry, I not only know every property and neighborhood in San Antonio but also know the secrets to getting the best deals on your next apartment.

10. Online Reviews

You may think you’re getting the honest opinion on your potential new home, but never put too much faith in online reviews! Rival apartments sometimes post false information on competitors’ listings and write good reviews about themselves!

9. Pricing

I can’t emphasize this enough – pricing changes every day at properties. Most apartments now use the same pricing software used by airlines! Once you’re quoted something you like, get it in writing and verify how long your quote will be in effect – 1 Day, 2 Days, Or Longer.

8. Map of the Properties

On the properties report I send you, you’ll find a “show map” link in the upper right-hand of the page. Click on this link and it will pull up google maps with all the properties pinpointed for you!

7. More Property Info

As you scroll through the properties report, you’ll notice that certain words (like the property name) are highlighted in blue. Click on these links to see more information about the property.

6. Floor Plans

Many properties provide you with a floor plan for online viewing. This is available for properties with the square footage highlighted in blue.

5. Ensure the Best Specials

Tell any property you visit that you’re working with Cel Zepeda at Absolute Locators to ensure you receive all possible specials and benefits. And don’t forget to call me to verify that your quote is the lowest bottom line price. By working with a realtor, you’ll be sure apartments are upfront and provide you with any and all available specials.

4. Income Restrictions

Most properties require that you earn at least 3 times your monthly rent. You’ll need to present pay stubs, bank statements, or a letter from your employer stating your monthly income in order to qualify.

3. Credit or Legal Issues?

Most properties will deny applicants with a felony, eviction, or broken lease on their record, so don’t waste money applying to multiple properties if you have any past issues. If you have a foreclosure or bankruptcy, properties are generally able to work with you but they almost always require a larger deposit if you are approved.

2. Questions to Ask

Do you have a move-in special? Do you have a look & lease bonus? (You can sometimes get additional savings by leasing within 24-48 hours of your first visit) Are you offering one month free that i can prorate? Do you have any preferred employer discounts (usaa, h-e-b, valero, police, medical, lawyer, etc.)?

1. Last (but NOT least)

Communities usually stop showing apartments 30 minutes before they close. Also remember to bring a photo id – most properties will require some form of identification before they show you anything. And don’t forget about your visa gift card! The property doesn’t notify me when you lease, so make sure you give me a call while filling out your application so i can begin processing your rebate!